A Medieval Novel

This is the page that is dedicated to the novel that I will hopefully one day manage to have published, it is currently loosely in two volumes- Bound by Words and Bound by Stone. For those who are interested it is historical fantasy. It is set predominantly in 1185. It began with the seed of an idea, what would happen if you introduced sorcery into the already complex world of 12th century England? My characters travel the length and breadth of the country from Portsmouth to the Orkney Islands at the behest of Henry II. I have been to the vast majority of the places that my characters visit and you will find many of them discussed in the non fiction area of my blog. It is an historical fiction novel first. I spent three months in England, Ireland and France researching it  in 2012 and in 2015 I went to Ireland and the UK to research the sequel. It is very important to me that the fantasy informs the history rather than the other way around. I am not going to be posting the story here, partly because it is far too long and partly because, as I said, I am still holding out some hope of it being published. Putting it up online will not help this. At some point I may outline some of the characters and discuss some of the places that they visit. As you might have seen from my other posts I have a fairly extensive collection of photos from my travel, most of them of historical places. I will be using these to inform any location discussion. Hope you might find this interesting.


Locations:  Rouen, Winchester, Cambridge Bury St. Edmunds Castle Rising The Wash Lincoln, Fountains Abbey, Lanercost Priory, Hadrian’s Wall, Peveril Castle, Hereford Striguil (Now Chepstow)St Govan’s ChapelPembroke, Kirkwell, The Orkneys.

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