Medieval Quotes Advent Calendar 21st of December

On the death of Caedwalla king of the West Saxons in 689CE

“In the third year of the Aldfrith’s reign, Caedwalla, king of the West Saxons, after ruling his people most ably for two years gave up his throne for the sake of the Lord and to win an everlasting kingdom, and went to Rome. He was anxious to gain the special privilege of being washed in the fountain of baptism within the the threshold of the apostles; for he had learned that by the way of baptism alone can the human race attain entrance to the heavenly life; at the same time he hoped that, soon after his baptism, he might be loosed from the bonds of flesh and pass, cleansed as he was, to eternal joy; and both of these things came to pass with God’s help just as he intended. He arrived in Rome while Sergius was pope and was baptised on the holy Saturday before Easter Day in the year of Our Lord 689; while still in his white robes, he was attacked by an illness and, on 20 April, he was freed from the bonds of flesh and joined the company of the blessed in Heaven.”

From Bede The Ecclesiastical History of the English People.  pg 244 ISBN:9780192838667

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